DATE OF BIRTH June 19, 2019
BREEDERS: Alexzandra Erb (Zandria), Candace Hunter (Tercan), Theresa Marquardt (Jubillie)

EYE CHECK: CEA Normal Non Carrier, CEA Normal Carrier, or CEA Affected
MDR1: Mutant/Mutant or Mutant/Normal
PRA RCD2: Cleared by Parentage
DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY: NonCarrier, Carrier or Homozygous A/A


'Daegan x Winnie Litter'

All of these puppies are in their forever homes.

Liam (#6) and Owin (#5) will be staying with Tercan and Zandria Collies and can be found on the 'BOYS' page.

Congratulations to 'Zoey' aka Freya who won Best In Specialty from the 6-9 puppy class at her very first weekend! She is formerly known as BISS Tercan Zandria Comstock Enchante' (5pt major)


Pics as they grow...

Pictured In Order

Tricolor Rough Girl - 'Constance'

Tricolor Smooth Boy - 'Dubs'

Blue Smooth Girl - 'Freya'

Blue Smooth Girl - 'Junebug'

Tricolor Rough Boy - 'Owin'

Tricolor Smooth Boy - 'Liam'

Blue Rough Boy - 'Finn'


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Week 1

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Week 2

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Week 3

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Week 4

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Week 5

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Week 6

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Week 7

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Week 8

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