DATE OF BIRTH/DEATH: July 4, 2003 to Feb 7, 2018
BREEDER: Candace Hunter
OWNERS: Deanna & Don Lyons  

Named after the scientific name for the Pacific Willow, "Willow" was a wonderful example of teamwork and the spirit of the Collie.  Willow and her owner Deanna had a blast in agility and their excellent work showed!  
Willow and Deanna were ranked as top Collie over several years in NADAC trials including #1 Rough Collie in Regular Agility and Touch N' Go, #2 Rough Collie in Tunnelers and Jumpers, and in 2009 #1 Rough Collie in all 7 Elite NADAC classes.
Deanna and Willow were the first Collie team ever to achieve a NADAC NATCH3!  To top that, at 11 years old, she won her Vers-Natch 4 and Natch 4!!

Willow crossed the Rainbow Bridge in early 2018. A life well and fully lived with people she deeply loved. Rest in Peace beautiful Willow after your 14 1/2 years on this planet.