Sometimes a dog comes along that doesn't necessarily tick a 'required' box but has other virtues that make it clear the dog could be an asset to the gene pool. Owin is that dog. While we would have loved to have a normal eye check, this young guy shows a lot of other virtues that will combine with our normal eyed girls to hopefully propel us forward in health and type. He is a balanced, well built puppy with a light and lean head, a very appealing expression, masculinity, and good bone. We are looking forward to watching him grow up.

October 2019 and Baby Owin is entered in his first show in the 4-6 Puppy Competition and goes all the way to Best Puppy In Show over 46 entries under Pat Putman!



Zandria 'N Tercan's

Know When To Hold'em

DM: Carrier
PRA RCD2: Clear By Parentage
OFA CARDIAC: Puppy Screen Clear



DATE OF BIRTH June 19, 2019
BREEDERS: Alexzandra Erb (Zandria), Candace Hunter (Tercan), Theresa Marquardt (Jubillie)

OWNERS: Alexzandra Erb, Candace Hunter