Fortune favored us with this guy. We wanted a smooth non merle boy with ideally a normal eye/non carrier check and DM clear in a correct, balanced, well built puppy with a pleasing expression.  We are hopeful fortune will continue to shine down on him as he grows.



Tercan 'N Zandria 'N Jubillie Fortune's Favor

EYE CHECK: CEA Normal Non Carrier Genetic Tested and Exam Tested
DM: Non Carrier/Clear
PRA RCD2: Clear By Parentage
OFA CARDIAC: Puppy Screen Clear



DATE OF BIRTH June 19, 2019
BREEDERS: Alexzandra Erb (Zandria), Candace Hunter (Tercan), Theresa Marquardt (Jubillie)

OWNERS: Candace Hunter, Alexzandra Erb, Theresa Marquardt